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Discover Spain Cultural Immersion and Yoga Retreat // 05.11.19 & 10.11.19

Discover Spain Cultural Immersion and Yoga Retreat // 05.11.19 & 10.11.19

“To travel once meant to be intrepid, to explore, to truly depart from the norm.”

Take the path less traveled with In Harmony Yoga and Diana Ratana

Join us for a retreat fully immersed in culture, spirit, and heart. Learn practices from ancient yogic traditions. Take an inside look of Spanish culture, tradition, gastronomia, and sights in nature so beautiful and wondrous, UNESCO has designated the area a biosphere reserve and World Heritage Site.


May 11, 2019 – May 18, 2019
October 12, 2019 – October 19, 2019

Andalusia, Spain

Shared Room – €2499 ($2850) 
Single Room – €3899 ($4540) 


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Diana Ratana
In Harmony Yoga


Experience a deep, authentic, and profound immersion of Spanish culture while touring traditional olive farms and wineries, witnessing the birthplace of flamenco, sondering through the corridors of los blancos pueblos, and wandering through the vast greens of los parques naturales. This retreat has been curated for you to experience authentic Spanish culture with great ease and plenty of time to relax, reflect and/or explore on your own. We stay away from landmarks and tourist attractions, our only intention is to delicately explore these places of beauty. As we say in Spain;

“Sin prisas, poco a poco” (without hurry, little by little)

Our team of local guides and yogi’s believe in union of the self and surroundings. Experience a part of Spain untouched by mass tourism. Get lost in the vast dimensions of the Andalusian valleys. Immerse yourself in tradition spanning centuries of historic development. Travel In Harmony.

This retreat is open to all levels of yoga, meditation, travel, and life experiences. We look forward to taking this amazing journey with you.

Retreat Highlights

Sensory Exploration: We guide you through a journey within. Whether it is exploring the mind body through yoga, honoring your truths with meditation, healing with Aryuveda, we will be there to assist in giving you the experience needed.

Cultural Integration and Sustainability: We take you to places off the beaten path. Whether its resting in the deep valleys of los casas rurales, experiencing traditional customs, or paying homage to the ruins and natural wonders, you will feel deeply connected to the land and the self

Rest and Rejuvenation: We give you time. While we explore the land, there will be plenty of time to wander and explore for yourself. This is your retreat, and we will be here to help make it yours. Body work (energy medicine) sessions are possible during the journey (at an additional cost).


  We will stay in the finest traditional accommodations around Andalucia to give you an authentic experience of local life.
  • Historic City of Seville
  • Mountain Views in Natural Reserve of Grazelama
  • Seaside Living in bohemian Conil De La Frontera
* We offer comfortable shared double rooms with two single beds in cozy houses and boutique hotels.

Who We Are


Antonina Ramsey

guide and Senior yoga teacher

Antonina Ramsey is a senior yoga teacher, yoga therapist, yoga teacher trainer, and Ayurvedic, Energy Medicine (Jin Shin Jyutsu Acupressure), and Hypnotherapy Practitioner. With over 20 years of experience in yoga and wellness, Antonina has sought to dedicate her life to simplifying, educating, inspiring, and guiding people to mental and physical harmony.

Her ultimate goal with this retreat is to share the beauty, culture, and spirit of Spain with like-minded people interested in health, harmony and authentic travel experiences.


Diana Ratsamee

Guide and Yoga Teacher

Diana Ratsamee is a yoga instructor, meditation guide, traveler, writer, curator, cultivator, and researcher with over 7 years instructing students world wide.  It was during her backpacking trip through Spain where she fell in love with the land and culture in Andalucia. Here, she met Antonina and under her tutelage, began incorporating her teachings into her travels.

This retreat is a joint venture between travelers and yogis, a chance for curious souls to experience a journey outward, in.



    May 11 – Day 1; Sevilla // Arrive and Meet
    • 3PM – 8PM: Arrive into Seville, meet the team, rest and/or explore the hotel and neighboring Old Town
    • 8PM: Meet for dinner in Old Town
    May 12 – Day 2; Arcos de la Frontera and Grazalema
    • 8:30 AM: Group welcome and breakfast
    • 10:30 AM: Meet to drive to los Arcos
    • 1 PM: Lunch and explore Arcos de la Frontera
    • 3 PM: Leave to Grazalema
    • 4 PM: Check in to Grazelema and siesta
    • 8 PM: Dinner
    May 13 – Day 3: Grazelema // Los Pueblos Blancos
    • 8:15 AM: Morning Meditation and Yoga
    • 9 AM: Breakfast
    • 11 AM: Tour and dine in Los Pueblos Blancos of Grazelema
    • 4 PM: Return and siesta
    • 8:30 PM Dinner
    • May 14 – Day 4: Grazalema // Tradition and Culture
    • 8:15 AM: Morning Meditation and Yoga
    • 9:00 AM: Breakfast
    • 11:30 AM: Tour, taste, and experience the culture and energy in a traditional olive oil farm
    • 4 PM Return and siesta
    • 8:30 PM Dinner
    May 15 – Day 5: Grazalema and Conil // From the Mountains to the Coast
    • 8:15 AM: Morning Meditation and Yoga
    • 9:00 AM: Breakfast
    • 1 PM: Check out and head to the coast via Medina Sedonia, stop and sight seeing along the way
    • 4 PM: Arrive to Conil and siesta
    • 7:30 PM: Aryuveda Workshop + Cooking Class
    May 16 – Day 6 // The Coast of Conil
    • 8:15 AM: Morning Yoga and Meditation
    • 9 AM: Breakfast
    • 10:30 AM: Meditation/Mind Fitness Workshop
    • 12:30 PM: Lunch
    • 2:30 PM: Relaxing beach day in Conil
    • 5:30 PM: Return and siesta
    • 8  PM: Dinner
    May 17 – Day 7 // The Coast of Conil
    • 8:15 AM: Morning Yoga and Meditation
    • 9 AM: Breakfast
    • 12 PM: Free time/siesta
    • 5 PM: Explore Conil de la Frontera
    • 8 PM: Dinner in Conil
    May 18 // Adios
    • 7:30AM: Morning Yoga and Meditation
    • 9AM: Breakfast
    • 11AM: Closing ceremony, transfer arrangements
    * all activities are subject to change

What’s Included

    • Natural health and wellness workshops
    • 3 healthy meals a day (Traditional Spanish, sometimes Vegetarian, Holistic)
    • Accommodations in Seville, Grazalema, and Conil de la Frontera
    • Amenities included in accommodations (swimming pools, rooftop terrace, sports equipment, hotel/resort inclusions)
    • Aryuvedic and holistic cooking classes
    • Visits to traditional historic Spanish towns
    • Visits to a traditional olive oil farm and local authentic Spanish restaurants
    • Day trip excursions
    • All transportation for included activities and from Seville (we will leave from Seville and provide drop off to Seville)

Not Included: Transportation to and from Seville Travel Insurance

Request Booking

After receiving your booking, we will contact you to confirm details and payment arrangement. Namaste.
Full room and board, transportation to/from Seville and destination activities included.
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