Diana Ratana

d r e a m f l o w // 3 OCT. 2019

d r e a m f l o w // 3 OCT. 2019

a sensory immersion + intentional movement experience

d r e a m f l o w   is an ambient meditative sensory yoga experience; one that invites live dreamy visuals, immersive soundscapes, and intentional movement + meditation into a single collaborative space.

Live visuals will lead you through a nuanced, multidimensional dreamscape of gentle sunsets, sacred geometry, expanding nebulas, spinning star fields, and ancient forests reaching for the heavens.

Immersive soundscapes will invite you to explore depths of your being in sonically altered states.

Creative movement flow yoga + breathwork and meditation will guide you here; in your state of flow.


6 pm – 7 pm: Sliding scale $15 – $25 at the door
All proceeds will go back into funding the artists and collective space.
Please bring your own yoga mat.
Event will be capped at 30, please RSVP below

Art walk w/ ALIEN Council + live visual performances + refreshments to follow see event details here:




VJ Kaizen – Immersive Visual Artist

Visual artist Everett Keithcart, aka “Kaizen”, grew up watching sunsets over the ocean on San Juan Island, Washington state. He is inspired by the majesty of our natural world and the universe. His life’s work is to honor and remind us of the greater ocean of beauty that flows around us and through us. Live-mixing up to 10 layers of high-definition 1080p video improvisationally allows Kaizen’s visuals to flow with the energy of the yoga class, mixing breathtaking images from nature into flowing organic textures evocative of the mood for each soundscape and set of movements.

Diana Ratana – Yoga Teacher + Meditation Guide

Diana Ratana aims to bring authentic connection to ourselves, each other, nature, and our work back to humanity through intentional movement and mindfulness meditation. Her work lies in cultivating spaces and creating experiences where people can learn to come into their own power, heal from within, return their humanity, and be supported in their journey so that we may all live authentic, creative, and thriving lives.


October 3, 2019

Northwest Cultural Center
416 8th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104

Suggested donation of $15 – $25


Diana Ratana
Northwest Cultural Center


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