Diana Ratana

Learn to Fly with Flight Room Seattle

On the outskirts of Downtown Seattle, there’s a place you can go to learn how to fly…  well, not literally.

Flight Room Seattle, located in the Central District neighborhood, recently opened its doors to their new studio with intent to bring yoga, flight, movement, and zen to all who enter their doors. I’ve experienced different types of yoga classes in Seattle before, but Flight Room takes their classes to a whole new altitude.

Early last month, I was invited by Connect2Classes to take part in the afternoon Urban Zen Flight class at Flight Room. Connect2Classes has relationships with thousands of classes available in Seattle, so they were able to help me find the perfect class based on my interests and availability. For me, I found that the Urban Zen Flight class is perfctly designed for the urban dweller seeking refuge from the busy work day. After making myself familiar with their beautiful studio, I selected my harness and sought to make myself comfortable.

No need to worry if you’ve never been in an aereal harness before, the experienced teachers are able to comfortably guide you through the process. I felt like I was floating on my own private cloud.

Beyond incorporating yoga movements within the harness, we were guided through breath and relaxation techniques that melted away any stresses that came from the day. By the end of class, I felt like I had gotten a full nights sleep.

Flight room isn’t just yoga, its a chance to create space in and around you.

I was pleasantly surprised at how both challenged and relaxed I was able to be by incorporating my yoga practice with this harness. The instructors at Flight Room were able to guide me safely and throw in a few challenging postures for me to get into if I wanted. While my experience was restorative and relaxing, you can make your own as challenging as you like with practice. Take a look at this short video showcasing one of the talented studio members.

Anyone looking for a quick lunchtime escape from the office or a way to unwind before/after the busy work day can find peace through flight right here in this little oasis outside of the city.

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