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Full Moon in Virgo // 2 FEB 2019

Full Moon in Virgo // 2 FEB 2019

“If you make it a ritual, it can be sacred.”

The full moon in Virgo will take place mid-morning on February 19th, a perfect time to wake from reflection and begin efforts to meet our goals.

This full moon brings us down to reality so we can focus on the small details, the here-and-now, the physical world in front of us, and the matters at hand. We can give a great deal of focus to getting things done, lots of small projects, tasks, and chores, and we need to be careful of picking things apart and keeping ourselves from actually getting anything done. It doesn’t need to be perfect, and perfect isn’t possible anyway.

To see our goals come to fruition, we will need a little bit of order. What better time to set things in motion than with the start of this full moon. Come join us for an afternoon of wellness and support as we lead you through a meditative and intentional journal making.

We’ll make our own hand-crafted journals and be guided through bullet journaling techniques to help organize your thoughts and reach your goals. We’d love to have you!

This event has been specially curated by the ladies of the Win Win Collective, refreshments and goody bags will be provided.

* This is a canna-friendly event


February 19, 2019

Seattle, WA



Diana Ratana
Win Win Seattle


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