Yoga For An Open Heart

Note: This article was featured on Seattle Yoga News. You can view the article plus many more here.

When we practice yoga, often we practice just the physical aspect, but yoga is so much more. It can be used as a means to connect you with yourself. We use the asanas as a tool to do so. While the physical aspect of yoga has been linked to improving the cardiovascular system, preventing injury, and building strength and flexibility (among others), there is no denying the emotional benefits our practice has on us. Whether we are looking to improve our health, looking to discover ourselves, or looking to find peace in the chaos in our lives, yoga can bring balance and healing to our hearts.


The Beautiful Trail Between Vientiene, Vang Vieng, and Luang Prabang

While I’ve heard horror stories about the trail conditions between Vientiane and Luang Prabang, I just couldn’t justify buying plane ticket. A $15 bus ticket beats a $100 plane ticket in my book. Beyond this, travelling by land meant being able to add another city in my travels. I had heard of the loveliness of Vang Vieng from many locals and travelers alike. I figured, why not! The money saved on a plane ticket means a little extra room for adventure. At 6 in the morning, we met at the bus station and set off!