Diana Ratana

"If you make it a ritual, it can be sacred."

My name is Diana, I am an international yoga instructor, meditation guide, curator, creator, entrepreneur, backpacker, and story-teller.


My journey began in 2016, where after working half a decade in corporate IT and burning myself out, I made the difficult decision to leave everything. I took a look at my life at that point and all of these things I accumulated, the hours I burned, the stress I wore, and realized that these were no longer things I could thrive under.

Realizing this, I decided I wanted to live life. I made the difficult decision to leave everything and make the toughest investment I could make, the one in myself. I left my position, sold my belongings, and embarked on a one-way ticket journey to travel and teach yoga. After backpacking through Europe, Africa, and parts of the US, I learned that I wanted to take my experiences, life lessons, and learnings to my community.

My reasons for doing this is because I believe mind-body-spirit awareness and connection is needed by modern humans. My workshops, classes, and events seek to cultivating spaces where people can ease their stresses, heal from within, learn to listen to their spirits, and live loving, authentic, creative, thriving lives.

My passions lie in about empowering people and communities to cultivate their own stories and make intentional steps towards growth. I believe that yoga and mindful meditation is the toolkit to getting us there.

Where You Can Find My Work

Hot Feet Fitness – Yoga and Barre Instructor

Seattle Yoga News – Contributing Writer


Training and Teachings

In Harmony Yoga. RYT-200 Yoga for Health and Aryuveda. Marbella, Spain (2017)

Breathspiration Yoga Retreats. “Find Your Balance.” Resident Yoga Instructor. Palma de Mallorca, Spain (2017)

Nourish Retreats. “Radical Simplicity”. Event Assistant. Seattle, WA (2016)

The Booty Barre. Booty Barre Primary Instructor Training. Seattle, WA (2016)

Black Dot Seattle. “Work-Life Balance Through Yoga and Meditation.” Workshop Lead. Seattle, WA (2018)

Win Win Seattle. “Full Moon Manifestation Womens Retreat”. Workshop Lead. Seattle, WA (2018)



B.A. Information Systems, University of Washington (2013)


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