Diana Ratana

Join us for a day filled with movement, color and abundance as we harness the power of creativity to inspire movement, artistry and self-expression. This weekend immersion will take you on a journey to the creative depths of your being through movement, color, play and freedom of self-expression, all in the gorgeous backdrop of the PNW!


NOV 2019

yoga for your mind, body and spirit

connection . creation . clarity

Hello, my name is Diana. I am an international yoga instructor, meditation guide, curator, creator, backpacker, and story-teller with a love for movement and passion for art and creativity.

My mission is to help people re-connect to themselves, and in turn, connect to the world around them by cultivating spaces, creating programs, and crafting events where people can learn to come into their power, heal from within, return their humanity, and be supported in their journey so that we may live authentic, creative, and thriving lives.

Love and light,


Come join me at my next retreat, event, or workshop.


Dive deeper into your practice with a personally developed program. I work intimately with individuals and groups to provide approaches for personal development and self-awareness practices.


Whether you are an individual or organization, I am dedicated to working with you to design a program that will fit your needs and enhance your well being.

upcoming events


Woodinville, Washington
NOV 16, 2019 – NOV 17, 2019


Malaga, Spain
October 2020

Seattle, Washington
Mondays @ 4pm

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